2021 Speaker Presentations

Thank you to the excellent speakers who made our 40th Annual Conference a success!

Available presentations from the speakers of the 2021 annual conference are listed below.

Are you ready to get hacked? Cybersecurity: Top 5 things you can do to protect your office (and personal)

presented by John Romero, TAMU Cybersecurity Center

Market Approach by Multiple Regression Analysis

presented by Chris Connelly, Williamson CAD

Effect of COVID-19 on Valuation of Hotels, Office Buildings, Retail

presented by John Trabold

Something Stinks! Pollution Control Exemptions

presented by Loren Williams, Harris CAD, & Todd Stewart, Olson & Olson

Virtual Hearings – Adapting to a Changing World

presented by Scott Griscom, Bexar AD, & Roy Armstrong, Armstrong & Armstrong

Virtual Hearings – Adapting to a Changing World

presented by Roy Armstrong, Armstrong & Armstrong

Changing HR Landscape Amid COVID-19

presented by Alvin Lankford, Williamson CAD, & Sally Vardy, Harris CAD


presented by Korry Castillo & Shannon Murphy, PTAD

Nonviolent Conflict & Dispute Resolution

presented by Mark Warren