Budget Committee

Chair:  Roland Altinger, Harris CAD
Vice Chair: Lisa Stephens-Musick, Wichita CAD


  • Randy Clark, Eastland CAD
  • Chris Connelly, Williamson CAD
  • Rick Kuehler, Dallas CAD
  • Richard Molina, Cameron AD
  • Brent South, Hunt CAD
  • Kathy Williams, Denton CAD

Bylaws Committee

Chair:  Christie Ussery, Red River CAD
Vice Chair: Scott Overton, Orange CAD


  • Jesse Blackmon, Young CAD
  • Cheryl Evans, Brazoria CAD
  • Rick Medina, El Paso CAD
  • Dede Smith, Throckmorton CAD
  • Clarette Walker, Harris CAD

Conference Committee

Chair: Michael Amezquita, Bexar AD
Vice Chair: Adam Bogard, Harris CAD


  • Jesse Blackmon, Young CAD
  • Randy Clark, Eastland CAD
  • George Clerihew, Denton CAD
  • Jason Cunningham, Harris CAD
  • Rick Kuehler, Dallas CAD
  • Carla Pope-Osborne, Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott
  • Roy Sandoval, Bexar AD
  • Mike Soto, Aransas CAD
  • Lisa Stephens-Musick, Wichita CAD
  • Billy White, Bell CAD

Education Committee

Chair: Jason Cunningham, Harris CAD
Vice Chair: Mickey Hand, Wise CAD


  • Stephen Atchison, Harris CAD
  • Chris Connelly, Williamson CAD
  • Marya Crigler, Travis CAD
  • Scott Griscom, Bexar AD
  • Scott Howard, McCreary Veselka Bragg & Allen
  • Mike Jones, Fannin CAD
  • Alvin Lankford, Williamson CAD
  • Jeff Law, Tarrant AD
  • Chris Moser, Bosque CAD
  • Bobby Peregoy, Webb CAD
  • Carla Pope-Osborne, Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott
  • Don Spencer, Grayson CAD
  • Sands Steifer, Olson & Olson, LLP

Industry Liaison Committee

Chair: Angie Bellard, Jefferson CAD
Vice Chair: Hugh Landrum, Hugh L. Landrum & Associates


  • Shawn Coker, Grayson CAD
  • Dan Conaster, Wichita CAD
  • Gregg Davis, Capitol Appraisal Group, Inc.
  • Cheryl Evans, Brazoria CAD
  • Lee Flowers, Cherokee CAD
  • Sandy Griffin, Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott
  • Paul Hornsby, Paul Hornsby & Co.
  • John Kennedy, Texas Taxpayers & Research Assn.
  • Rodney Kret, Pritchard & Abbott, Inc.
  • Mitch McCullough, Chambers CAD
  • Shannon Murphy, Comptroller’s Property Tax Assistance Division
  • Don Owens, Thomas Y Pickett
  • Shannon Stary, Pritchard & Abbott
  • Tahia Washington, Orange CAD
  • Charles Williams, Wardlaw Appraisal Group

Legislative Committee

Chair: Brent South, Hunt CAD
Vice Chair: Marya Crigler, Travis CAD (Metro rep)


  • Roland Altinger, Harris CAD
  • Michael Amezquita, Bexar AD
  • Michelle Berdeaux Atascosa CAD (TRCA rep)
  • Gary Earnest, Taylor CAD
  • Kevin Kieschnick, Nueces CAD BOD
  • Alvin Lankford, Williamson CAD (Metro rep)
  • Jeff Law, Tarrant CAD
  • Ken Nolan, Dallas CAD
  • Doug Smithson, Cooke CAD (TRCA rep)
  • Mike Soto, Aransas CAD
  • Jordan Wise, Fort Bend CAD
  • Fred Hill, Legislative Consultant

Membership Committee

Chair:  Dyann White, Milam CAD
Vice Chair: Roy Sandoval, Bexar AD


  • John Haliburton, Victoria CAD
  • Mickey Hand, Wise CAD
  • Christie Ussery, Red River CAD

Nominations Committee

Chair: Gary Earnest, Taylor CAD
Vice Chair: Mark Price, Brazos CAD


  • Michael Amezquita, Bexar AD
  • Dinah Kilgore, El Paso CAD
  • Brent South, Hunt CAD

PTAD/TDLR Liaison Committee

Chair: Jordan Wise, Fort Bend CAD
Vice Chair: Dana Horton, Brazos CAD


  • Joe Don Bobbitt, McLennan CAD
  • Korry Castillo, Property Tax Assistance Division
  • Mitch Fast, Coryell CAD
  • Brian Francis, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation
  • Lacy Harris, Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott
  • Dana Horton, Brazos CAD
  • Jim Hudspeth, Johnson CAD
  • John Kennedy, Texas Taxpayers and Research Assn.
  • Stephanie McPherson, Callahan CAD
  • Barry Miller, Brown CAD BOD
  • Shannon Murphy, Property Tax Assistance Division
  • Kevin Passons, Rockwall CAD
  • Sands Stiefer, Olson & Olson, LLP
  • James Thompson, El Paso CAD
  • Debbie Wheeler, Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins & Mott
  • Billy White, Bell CAD
  • Dyann White, Milam CAD