Many questions are answered in our Policies & Procedures section. For any not answered there, please see below.

I lost my certificate. How can I order a new one?

TDLR no longer requires registrants to keep their education certificates on file, so you may not need to replace it. That said, if you would still like a copy, please fill out our Certificate Order Form and submit it with payment to TAAD.

I just received my TLDR registration number. Will you report credit for past classes?

Please fill out and fax or email our TDLR Number Form. Upon receipt of the form, we will report credit to TDLR for any courses you’ve taken with TAAD.

Why haven't I received credit for a TAAD course?

If credit for a course is not appearing on the TDLR website, there are a couple possible explanations:

First, TAAD may not have reported your credit. This generally occurs for one of two reasons: either you did not provide a valid TDLR number or you were taking the course for credit toward certification and did not pass the exam. It is always a good idea to check with us to see whether and why we may have withheld credit. Once you provide us with a valid TDLR number or retake and pass the exam, we will be happy to report your credit.

Another possibility is that you may not be looking at the correct page on the TDLR website. Credits toward certification (for those working toward an RPA or RTA/C) and credits for renewal (for those who already have their RPA or RTA/C) are listed in two different places:

Where can I provide feedback about state course course materials?

The materials for all State Courses are created and updated by the Property Tax Education Coalition, Inc (PTEC). If you have feedback regarding their materials, please contact them directly: http://www.ptectexas.org/.

Are RPA Reviews coordinated with the exam dates?

Under TDLR, RPA exams are now computer-based and no longer scheduled for specific dates and times; instead, PSI (the third-party vendor for TDLR testing) allows you to schedule your exam whenever space in one of their testing centers is available. Before you will be able to schedule your exam, however, you will have to complete your prerequisites and receive approval from TDLR to go ahead with testing.

Keep in mind that TDLR has more than 600,000 registrants in their database representing nearly a dozen different occupations, so for PSI it’s first-come, first-served for who gets a seat in any of their testing centers. Because the Class IV exam is six hours in length and six-hour testing slots are apparently not as readily available, we’ve heard from students who have had difficulty scheduling their exams. For these reasons, it may be advisable to schedule your exam as soon as you gain TDLR approval.

As for why TAAD schedules the reviews for when we do, we offer them during times of the year when CAD employees are most likely to have time to attend.

If TAAD isn't offering the course I need, do you know who else might?

PTEC, the publisher of the materials for the core State Courses, has an online calendar of offerings around the state by various providers.

Which courses will fulfill the requirements for certification/renewal?

We recommend getting this type of information directly from TDLR.

You can find information about certification requirements here.

For continuing education requirements, look here.

To see what types of CEs are offered for TAAD courses and seminars, you can consult our provider page on their website, which has the CEs for each event divided into the appropriate categories.

I’m trying to make travel plans. When can I expect this course to be finished?

For state courses, please see the State Certification Course descriptions page, which includes the approximate length of each course. Please note that the length of a course may vary slightly depending on the instructor and class composition.