TAAD-IAAO Chapter Members:

I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to serve as the next president of the TAAD-IAAO Chapter.  Through my career I have benefitted from education and offerings provided by both organizations individually and feel that this Chapter has strived to provide similar opportunities to its members.  I am looking forward to assisting in achieving the goals and purpose that were envisioned by the initial creators of this Chapter.  Part of the chapter purpose, as stated in the bylaws, which I consider paramount reads:  “….to improve assessment standards through education and efficient technology; to promote professional IAAO designations; and by accomplishing each of these, to better serve Texas taxpayers.”

We are a diverse group and spread across Texas, but ultimately are all on the same team with common goals.  Learning and sharing information and best practices is what helps us grow as professionals and strengthens our credibility and positions with the customers and taxing entities we all serve.  I would like to continue to promote the Chapter as another great option for support and learning opportunities for all members.

The 2020 COVID pandemic had an impact on everyone and required all of us to shift our attention to new and unforeseen issues.  I am optimistic that we will be able to refocus this year and bring attention back to the purpose and goals of the Chapter by providing quality educational opportunities and promoting the achievement of IAAO designations.


Chris Connelly
TAAD-IAAO Chapter President