TAAD-IAAO Chapter Members:

I am honored to be elected as the 2020 President of the TAAD-IAAO Chapter.   I am grateful to all the great members whose hard work and dedication have brought us to where we are today.  I am very proud to be part of a community of professionals that continue to strive for excellence.

We got off to a great start this year at the convention in Dallas.  I want to offer special thanks to IAAO President Amy Rasmussen, for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend our chapter meeting and swearing in our new officers.  We appreciate her words of encouragement and her pledge of support for our Texas chapter.

This is a great year to grow our ranks in Texas!  I am pleased to report that a growing number of members have achieved IAAO professional designations.  I encourage every member to take advantage of the educational opportunities the IAAO provides.  You can support our chapter by participating in the TAAD-IAAO’s seminars.

I also want to encourage each member district represented in our chapter to seek to achieve IAAO’s Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.  Many of the appraisal districts in Texas have obtained this honor, and are more than willing to help your district do the same.  As our past president encouraged us in Dallas, “let’s make the Texas chapter the one with the greatest number of CEAAs within IAAO.”

This is an extraordinary time for our chapter and for our profession. As we face the challenges of our times, be assured your TAAD-IAAO chapter leaders stand ready to assist our members in any way possible. By uniting together, I believe will we can, and will, ensure our mutual success.

I look forward to serving you as your 2020 President.


Jerry Bundick
TAAD-IAAO Chapter President