Math Tutorials

TAAD and the TAAD Chapter of IAAO are offering a series of basic math tutorials that can be used by those students needing to refresh or strengthen their math skills prior to taking some of the core IAAO weeklong courses.

Each tutorial is broken into mathematical sections that correspond with topics covered in the course work.  This includes definitions, simple examples on how the math could be used in our daily life, when possible, and then how it applies to appraisal practice.  There are memory tips, as well as problems and the associated answers.

Tutorial #1
Has the most basic math, prepares student for taking IAAO 101 – Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal

Tutorial #2
Repeats the appropriate math areas and then expands for IAAO 102 – Income Approach to Valuation

Tutorial #3
Follows the same pattern in preparation for IAAO 201 – Appraisal of Land

Tutorial #4
Addresses statistics and corresponds with IAAO 300 – Fundamentals of Mass Appraisal

Fees per Tutorial

  • TAAD chapter member:  $75 per tutorial (1 Class, 1 Student)
  • TAAD member (not a chapter member): $100 per tutorial (1 Class, 1 Student)
  • TAAD member district: $250 per tutorial, use by unlimited number of students (1 Class)

Math Tutorials Order Form

Tutorials will be sent by mail (CDs) or by electronic mail (PDFs).